KTS webCloud: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is KTS webCloud?

KTS webCloud is an Online CMS and File Backup System .

2. Can I create my own Website using webCloud?

Yes you can create your own website easily using webCloud.

3. Can I backup my PC file to webCloud?

Yes you can easily backup your files from your PC to webCloud using the webCloud Utility shipping with the webCloud Setup.

4.  What all types of Hosting servers webCloud supports ?

webCloud supports all types of hosting servers which includes Shared hosting Servers, Dedicated Hosting Servers, Virtualized Server etc.

 5. How do I install webCloud CMS?

You can install webCloud either by using the webCloud Setup or by using the zip file available for download. For ASP.NET enabled hosting sites , it is just a matter of copying the files from the un-zipped folder to the configured server folder as it is .

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