KTS WebCloud Editions
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WebCloud Lite Edition
Lite Edition will have the basic features with which an organization can start with. Lite edition is ideal for developing websites and its associated tasks like SEO , feedback forms etc. with predefined website templates shipping with the software. User can upgrade to any other edition at any later point of time. 
WebCloud Starter Edition
Starter Edition is ideal for those organizations who want to launch an Website and an associated ECommerce shopping cart with it. All the related features pertaining to this requirement are included with this package. User can upgrade to any other edition at any later point of time.  
WebCloud Enterprise Edition
Enterprise Edition is ideal for those Organization who have different business requirements pertaining to the day to day activities of the organization. In addition to the starter edition features, Enterprise edition ships with modules like Online Exam , HR and Project Management , Time Tracker Module , Dynamic Feedback form modules etc. 
WebCloud Cloud Edition
Cloud Edition have all the features of the Enterprise edition plus additional modules like Mobile App , Affiliate Marketing Module , Software License Management , API and Cloud Deployment support.
WebCloud OEM Edition
OEM Edition contains the full features of the Cloud edition with the additional features of branding the Product in their own name. This will be ideal for those organization who want to launch WebCloud with full features in their own brand name in a hosting space and URL of their choice.
WebCloud Custom Edition
Custom Edition contains the full features of WebCloud an organization needs to run full fledged System for Enterprises. The software will be licensed on a per organization basis depending upon the requirement of the organization. There might also be different customized version of the software, which will be treated as separate project based on the organization needs. Engineers might come to onsite to Install and configure the software if needed as per the contract agreement.
Comparison Between WebCloud Editions 
Feature Lite Starter Enterprise Cloud OEM Custom
Content Management System
Custom Website Layout | Themes
Search Engine Engine Optimization
Social Media Page Sharing
Display Ad Text | Image | Script Advertisement
Article | Forum | Blog | News Site Support
E Commerce | Payment Gateway
New Letter | Poll Support
Project Management | Defect Tracker 
Time Tracker | Time Sheet | Activity Reports
Online Data Backup
Custom Feedback Form
HR | Manage Employees
Create Application Form | Job Posting
Online Exam |
Web Page of the Day Option
Online Support Chat Module
Mobile App
License Management
API Support
Affiliate Marketing Module
Custom Branding Support
 Custom Application | API | Plugins
Automated website Publishing
Custom WebCloud Solutions

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