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Managing a Project and Tasks with team members who work from different locations is always going to be a challenge. Common tasks and information include

1. Assigning tasks to team members who are working fr
om different locations | home
2. How much time a team member is taking to develop a specific feature?
3. What is the status of the current task?.
4. Is the Defect reported by the Customer fixed?
5. Automatically Send Monthly Time Sheet to HR | Admin | Project Manager
6. Monitor Employee Activity | Work Di
ary | Desktop Screenshots
7. Statistics like How much time the Team Member spends on Visual Studio , MS Word , IE, Firefox or Chrome etc.
8. View Employee Reports like Daily and Monthly Reports, Custom Reports, Time Sheet, Work Dairy , Employee Activity Statistics etc.
9. Forum | Defect Tracking System
10. Integration with Github and other Version controlling systems to Track Defects.
11. Create Online Job Recruitment Application Forms | Share it in Social Media | Generate Candidate Leads | Send Online Assessments Test Links as E Mail | Other Employee Skill Competency Tests.
12. Employee Remarks and much more..
All these features are bundled with the Project Management , Time Tracker and Forum | Bug Tracking Module included with KTS WebCloud .

And above all the Software comes with  Low Cost | One Time License Option | No Hidden or recurring monthly Charges

Watch the Project Management and Time Tracker System Introduction video below

We also provide Custom Project Management , Time Tracker , Defect Tracker , Forum and other  Solutions tailor made to the specific customer requirements.

If you need more information or want to discuss more about your requirements, please fill up the form below. One of our representative will be in touch with you soon.

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